CYMA success is mainly based on its fully equipped, flexible and effective Technical Department, being able to provide technical services 24 hours a day (24x7x365).

Our Technical Department has been set up within CYMA evaluating customers’ needs and it is staffed with specialized professionals that obtain a solid knowledge and expertise of the products and services provided.

An extended network of partnerships, covering all Greece, allows instant response and complete technical support for a variety of technical issues.

Our technical support services are described in detail below:

Installation and maintenance (service) of radio and television broadcasting transmitters
Installation and maintenance of antennas systems for radio and television stations
Installation and maintenance of microwave links
Acceptance of E/M transmission sites and infrastructure (MW links, power transmitters, antenna systems, backup equipment, surge and lightning arresters and suppressors, grounding systems)
Interference investigation and radiolocation
Radio coverage technical studies using DTMs (Digital Terrain Model), link budgets
Design and implementation of Telecommunication Systems of Video and Data Transfer and Surveillance Systems based on video – data analysis
24x7 Technical Support contracts
Consultancy on technical evaluation, budgeting, and licensing of telecommunication systems
Services of Technical Consultant on Telecommunication Systems