CYMA SA was founded in 1996 and ever since is active with success in design, development and implementation of telecommunications and IT systems covering a wide range of high technology applications. CYMA SA through exclusive contracts with popular Greek Radio and TV Stations provides full technical support in electronic transmission systems and installations.

Since 2000 till nowadays, CYMA SA has being driven towards military technology applications. Specifically, the company has been carried out major projects for the Greek Ministry Of Defense, concerning surveillance systems, video and data transfer from ground and airborne carriers. With these projects the firm deepens its knowhow in telecommunications, IT and surveillance systems.

Since October 2008, CYMA SA investigates and resolves successfully interference cases all over Greece, for the WIND’s NSM/Radio Network & Service Quality Department, affecting GSM, DCS and 3G (UMTS) networks, scoring a rate of 96% success (i.e. interference sources have been resolved and emissions have stopped).

CYMA SA taking advantage of its qualified engineers’ thorough experience undertakes acceptance projects for microwave links, antennas systems and infrastructure of base stations for its customers (mobile telephony, radio and television broadcasting companies).

Our company has developed a reliable network of 35 specialized partners all over Greece, in order to ensure that customers’ requirements are fulfilled.

The network of our partners is enriched with 10 certified engineers—climbers, with special equipment that perform operations with safety in heights (working on telecommunications masts etc).

Taking advantage of partnerships with outsourcing and manufacturing companies – inside country or abroad – that specialize in relevant sections, CYMA SA becomes more efficient and competitive, offering complete high technology product and service packages.

CYMA SA invests a considerable amount from its profits in the supply of certified measurements equipment and in training its staff.