CYMA focuses on technical solutions and services in the area of telecommunications and systems, for the private and public sectors in Greece. CYMA comforts its customers with a cost efficient and reliable partnership on a 24 hours basis.

Many years of CYMA’s successful track record in the market of wireless communications and technical support services provide an excellent advantage for the company, being in position to benefit from a new era of growth in the markets it serves. Its presence in Greece with an expanded and complete network of associates and its proven efficiency in providing high quality technical support services and in large projects management reinforce essentially company’s placement in Greek market.

In a field with increased technical complexity and in a customer environment that favors provision of wide range solutions from recognized suppliers, CYMA with a profound expertise obtains a significant competitive advantage. CYMA’s profile as an integrator with experience in a broad range of technologies makes it the ideal partner for customers whose installed technology infrastructure is mixed.

CYMA’s extensive reference base as well as its domain expertise in systems and solutions for the private and public sector are strong assets for the company’s growth. In addition, CYMA is looking to further expand its business through the strategic alliances it maintains with European technology vendors.